What are the steps?

Would you like to set up a meeting with me? I can meet you privately or if you have a sponsor in my group we can arrange a time with your sponsor, or we can grab a cup of coffee! We can do a Zoom meeting or we can do a conference call. Better yet, we can send you a guest pass request and we can meet in the eXp World…maybe even take a class!

The onboarding system at eXp Realty is getting smoother and fine-tuned each and every day. I do my best to keep up with the onboarding process! eXp Realty moves fast!

  • The first step is to contact me or the agent that you want to sponsor you into eXp Realty. We will then instruct you based on the State you live. Remember we can help you no matter what State you’re in! We can first reach out to the BIC in your area on your behalf.
  • Request your eXp Realty sponsor to provide you guess pass into our eXp World Cloud Campus. There’s an eXp eXplained in the auditorium (currently on Wed and Friday at 1pm EST). NOTE: You aren’t required to be accompanied by anyone, but please ask your sponsor to show you arround campus.
  • Fill out our Application which is also confidential. Only our onboarding specialist, the BIC, and your sponsor will know. Please be sure to put the eXp agent on the application you choose to sign up under.