Training and Support

The eXp World Campus provides amazing training and collaboration. I strongly believe I can help agents grow their business.

My commitment to agents that join my expansion team is you will receive training and collaboration based on your level of need. My more than 20 years of experience is a valuable asset to any agent at any level. I have a strong marketing and tech background along with over 500 pesonal homes sold during my career. I receive monthly calls from several ICON agents in my organization and I mentor many new agents helping them grow their business. I’ve been working on a training platform for last 2 years to help my partners grow their business. 

eXp Realty is fortunate to have such an industry leader, innovative rock star lead trainer and eXplainer Brad Andersohn. See eXp World for better understanding of how you learn at eXp Realty.

Here’s a snippet of his impressive resume…


We also have agent eXperts in various technologies and marketing strategies that collaborate on the campus and social media. Sharing is not only a HUGE PART of eXp Realty Culture, but it’s also the cornerstone!!!

eXp Realty created a Facebook Workplace which is basically an entranet for our agents to communicate in private groups only for eXp Realty.

Facebook Workplace