Revenue Share

Revenue Share

In the video below, I explain in detail how the tiers work. Cascading Rev Share is simply the most dynamic and generous model in our industry. I’d like to refer to eXp Realty revenue share model as a perpetual referral.

How powerful is residual income? Have you ever heard of the 4% rule? See below to better understand the powerful retirement possibilities eXp Realty offers you.

This video is only meant to present a visual to help bring clarity to how the “Tiers” work. As of 1/6/2020 eXp has announced and NEW ENHANCED plan that only brings MORE opportunity for agents. I will have new video soon! 

This is an example of what your eXp organization could look like. Understand one important thing here…many agents that will appear in your organization can be from anywhere and can be introduced by anyone in your group. Many of my “partners” at eXp Realty are agents I’ve never met in person or had anything to do with joining. While I’m here to help support everyone often it’s not requested or required.

eXp Realty model potentially pays 7 tiers deep. It’s important to understand how powerful residual income can be, especially over the long term, or during ups and downs in the market, or as your health fails. think about how much money would you need in the bank to make $2,000 a month deposited directly into your account on a monthly basis? At 5% yearly payment it would require $480,000!

NOTE: eXp Realty reserves the right to alter or change the revenue share program to ensure eXp World Holdings remains sustainable long term as clearly stated in the ICA.

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