IntroLend First Cloud

Introlend is a RESPA compliant platform for eXp agents to use, providing a great experience for loan application and pre-qualifying clients, using agent’s favorite loan originators and mortgage professionals.

IntroLend First Cloud is owned 50% by eXp World Holdings, and 50% by the Qualified eXp Agents who invested in it. It’s important to understand Agents can still use their Preferred Lender and it will soon be released in all 50 States. North Carolina will be added real soon!

How does IntroLend benefit eXp Realty agents and clients?
Agents: If you invest, you’ll receive a quarterly dividend and your client will receive a genius origination service and placement that will help your buyer clients (or seller refinance clients) find the best deal.

Thank you, Glenn Sanford, for once again thinking ahead of the curve and supporting eXp Realty agents and finding this company…

it will be a win-win-win-win-win for the stock owners of EXPI by adding yet another revenue stream to make us profitable.

It will be a win for eXp agents who decide to invest and make a dividend-type income.

A win for our favorite go-to-lenders that will benefit by streamlining the collecting of docs and completed loan applications through Introlend concierge. It’s also a win by potentially getting introduced to more active eXp agents recommending them.

Most importantly it’s a win for our clients because they’ll have more choices (and competition) between our recommended individual lenders as we’re not stuck to an “in house” lender!