Icon Agent

Probably one of the most amazing aspects of eXp Realty is the Icon Agent status one can receive if you’re a Top Producer. Simply put…if you’re a Top Producer and don’t see how this program will benefit you (especially large teams and brokerage owners), then you’re not seeing the BIG PICTURE. How would you like to receive ALL $16,000 back in stock if you can achieve ICON status?

On top of eXp Realty’s generous Compensation Plan (which your team benefits)Revenue Share you receive from your team members (which also can benefit), Stock Ownership you receive (which your team also benefits), you also can get your $16,000 you paid as your CAP back in stock!

How do you ask?

NOTE: If you have an standard team and split commissions with team members, that would alter the 20 transactions post cap because you aren’t paying but only a portion of the $250 fee. For a better explantion of splits see compensation plan. For example: If all 20 post cap transactions were done by members of your team with a 50/50 split you would need 40 transaction because you only get credit for half.


ICON Agent is all about the eXp Realty culture! eXp Realty also offers and Mega ICON