eXp World Campus

Imagine if you could wake up in the morning and have your Broker in Charge meeting with all your fellow State eXp Realty partners on your desktop or mobile device. How about going to your weekly calendar and attending over 50+ hours of training with a simple click or two?

Don’t confuse our virtual world with video conferencing. VirBELA(Owned by eXp World Holdings) has made a real life virtual campus a reality.  You can sit in a eXp World cloud class, and get the EXACT information but do it while saving, GAS, TIME, MONEY, etc. One class can have as many as 1,000 people or 2! You can go to the meetings while in your pajamas if you want! No video cameras, just your gorgeous avatar and a cup of coffee! You can also reserve a room for your team or teach a class!

Recent CNBC Glenn Sanford interview



As an eXp agent, I can also make money leasing the Virtual campus technology to other businesses! Please contact me before you sign up so I can get a little commission 🙂 

This example is just ONE DAY calendar in PST


Imagine collaborating LIVE with some of the most talented and productive agents in the industry from all over the country. Not a stale office witht heh same agents. Think about asking questions through text without interrupting the instructor and having someone answer the question! Having someone share a valuable links/doc while you’re learning. How about going to classes and training with experts in various technologies while you work on a project or share your ideas? Teach a class if you like!


Imagine if you could communicate with Tech Support, Agent Support, Accounting, Transaction Managers, your Broker, and other company support staff by simply walking into the campus and until 8 pm and maybe 24 hrs in the future. Get a guest pass and check it out!

REQUEST TO JOIN ME OR YOUR SPONSOR IN A CLASS to meet you on campus and try it out yourself! You can also do it alone without anyone!

You don’t have to imagine it anymore. It’s REAL at eXp Realty.

This video was done in 2017 – I’ll soon record a 2020 video so you can see the massive change in our World. 

I made this video 4/8/2020

Classes in the World are often recorded and placed in our Facebook Workplace or eXpressway ecosystem. Many of the classes change from week to week! We currently have over 50 hours of live training!




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