Compensation Plan

Commission Split
  • 80/20% Split until you reach the Cap of $16,000(80k Gross Commission Income) then it goes to 100% with a small transaction fee of $250.00.
  • Transaction fee drops to $75 once you’ve reached 20 post cap transactions(ask for more details) 
  • Every Transaction you pay $40 in E&O insurance($500 Max in NC)
  • Every Transaction you pay $25 for Broker review
  • 3 Free Personal Transactions with only $250 Fee + BIC and E&O

Team Members have ONLY $8,000 Cap (40k in GCI). Note: Team members with an $8,000 Cap don’t get stock when they Cap and cannot become ICON, but they do receive stock on their first closing and can purchase the stock at a discount just like full cappers. They also have the same benefits when attracting agents to eXp. 

Ask me about eXp Realty’s new MEGA Team/Brokerage Program! If you have at least 10 agents and meet minimum production standards you might qualify! The program is designed for you and your team! Email me for more info

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