Agent Advisory Council

eXp Agent Advisory Council (AAC)

The eXp Agent Advisory Council ensures that the voice of the agent is heard at the highest levels of the company. It benefits our agent-owner shareholders while providing new ways for our senior leadership to obtain additional insight as our company grows.


eXp Realty agents are working together to build businesses, build and enhance brands, increase profitability, reduce overhead and risk, and achieve bold career and life goals.

  • Keep More Money
  • No Desk Fees
  • Low Annual Cap
  • Paperless Transactions
  • Business Coaching


Keep More Money
In any economy, we all want to keep more of our hard-earned money. Have you done the real math on how much of your commission check you take home?

Work from Anywhere
Closing a transaction from Hawaii? Participating in a business planning session from Rome? Negotiating a contract from a Costa Rica beach? Our agents have done all of these! It’s part of our agent-centric model.

Professional Development
Save yourself the $1000 per month you spend weekly on the 30-minute accountability phone calls. Our agents get over 20 hours of professional development and business coaching every week, all included, plus around the clock access to sessions.

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